Virtue Solutions:
Wearable Technology for Seniors

Virtue Solutions is a wearable device that is made up of wireless technology and advancements with sensor design. This advanced technology can alert to changes and provide 24/7 monitoring of each resident.

This leading-edge technology helps to reduce costs while improving quality of care through streamlined communications methodologies, integration of clinical workflows, and innovative technology. This advanced wearable can help provide early detection, early reporting, and early treatment.

The Virtue Solutions wearable is attached to the wrist, with the look and feel of a standard smart watch. The advanced AI features allow for the watch to operate for up to 12 months without a recharge.


Our customizable wearable devices provide solutions to residents, families, and Nursing staff to help ensure their safety. At Virtue Solutions we strive to continuously improve the patient experience. Our advanced wearable device is developed with state-of-the-art technology to monitor, detect, and notify care staff and families of concerns or changes.

Key features
of the virtue wearable include:

Tamperproof and water resistant

24/7 monitoring of vital signs

Advanced fall detection

Sleep quality detection

Automatic and manual nurse call feature

Historical data access

12- month battery life

Location indicator and wander protection